Employment Spell Job Spell - Don't Lay Me Off - Don't fire me spell

Employment Spell Job Spell – Don’t Lay Me Off – Don’t fire me spell

Employment Spell Job Spell – Don’t Lay Me Off – Don’t fire me spell. Protect my job spells and charms. Keep my job spell powerful job spells hoodoo job spell Employment Spell Job Spell. Spell to get the job you applied for spell to get a job after an interview. Job spells without candles spell to get a job back herbs for getting a job spells to get a job interview.
┬áIf you feel like you might be getting fired in a month or two, use this spell to secure you job. I’ve worked this spell numerous times with success. Hope you enjoy the video! “Don’t Lay Me Off” Employment Spell – Job Spell

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Light three beeswax candles and place one at each point of the triangle. Prick your finger with the sterile needle and place a drop of your blood in the center of the triangle.

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Money Blessing Work

My money candle is a very good way to get yourself off the ground financially. I work with very traditional oils and roots 7-10 days. It uses lots of good Hoodoo prayers and a customed petition and money powder for your needs. This work is usually great for bringing in specific sums of less than $15,000, increasing general prosperity, improving opportunities, and helping with specific financial goals (starting a business, buying a home, paying off student loans, etc.)

Cleansing Work

This is an old fashion Hoodoo style 7-day candle vigil and cleansing. The candle is bathed in a cleansing bath of herbs and ammonia before it is used to the spell energy is as pure as possible. Then traditional herbs like Rosemary, sage, and good old Hoodoo roots pull the negative things out of the situation. Blessed salt protects and surrounds so that the negative things cannot come back. And finally oils and other herbs that are used a customized specifically to the situation itself. This work can also be used to prepare the situation for deeper magic to be done alongside or after the cleansing work.