Love Drawing, Marriage, Bring Back Lost Love, and Reconciliation

Love spells, romance spells, marriage spells, happy home spells, reconciliation spells, and return of a lost lover spells are the most-often-requested types of work that most conjure doctors deal with. Asking for these spells may also be the most crisis-fraught requests that a client will ever make, so it is important to the client to connect with a compassionate and understanding worker who has some life experience and a true desire to help.

Cast love spells for a number of different reasons, ranging from a desire to attract a suitable partner for marriage and starting a family, to finding a partner interested in a casual one night fling. Some clients want just to get a date, others want a long-time dating partner to present a proposal of marriage. Some married clients want to have more sexual fulfillment in their marriages and others want to put an end to squabbles and fusses within a marriage or to stop a mate from running around. Some want to re-unite with an ex-lover who is lost and long out of contact, others want to bring back a lover who has just walked out the door.

Prosperity, Money Drawing, Business, and Gambling Luck

Money spells of all types rely on the use of candles, roots and herbs, oils, and curios that are said to be efficacious in drawing, keeping, and sustaining a financial security and/or money-luck. Some of the curios used in money, business, and gambling work include single lodestones (used to draw money), honey jars or sugar jars (used for sweetening a boss or bank officer to a client who is asking for a raise or a loan), fixed money lamps, plain green candles and figural candles (money pyramids or green seven-knob candles) which can be dressed with money drawing and money-sustaining roots, herbs, oils, and sachet powders and used in financial and luck-drawing workings.

Money spells are employed in situations where increase is sought through venues such as business, sales, and career success; income from an inheritance; job-getting and job promotion; casino, lottery, and gambling luck; the repayment of loans that are owed; and court case or legal settlements that involve financial recompense, insurance pay-outs, and disability compensation.

All spell work is accompanied by photos of your castings, so you have proof that the work has been done.  I am an African-based practitioner but my client base is global, so no matter where in the world you reside, all services and products are available to you.

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  • Painful body muscles
  • Painful Headaches
  • Sturbon children
  • lack of interest in sex
  • spiritual baths
  • High blood Pressure
  • Diabetes traditional healing
  • Body swelling of all types
  • Make him or her come back even if you broke up long time ago and seal up your relationship or marriage permanently with Peace, love, joy, respect, protection and happiness forever. Your lover will never think of any other partner but only you, will never hide any secret behind you and will always trust you in everything.
  • Promotion, respect and Salary increase at work
  • Is your life in total mess that all things are falling apart?
  • Is any one planning to chase you from your job or  terminate your contract?
  • You work but all money go through your hands without you doing anything of value?
  • Quick process and getting of your retirement or accident fund.
  • Good lovers come to you promising and leave you disappointed ( its a spirit of rejection)
  • Spells to Attract very many customers and boost your business at any time.
  • Permanent love spells for your lover to be deeply in love with you alone forever.
  • Trace and Recover your stolen goods even if stolen long time ago.
  • Herbal gel to Remove Scars, black spots and stretch marks permanently
  • Property protection like house, land, cars and other items
  • Do you want to have babies or twins?
  • Financial problems, Ensure success as you get Luck
  • Red and dry lips problems
  • Selling of assets like house, cars, land  and other items quickly and at a high price
  • You want or want to stop divorce immediately
  • Win court cases and clear your name
  • Excellent school grades for dull students.
  • Stop drinking and smoking
  • Stop proceedings of your impeachment
  • Luck for successful in life & pass of interviews, Exams
  • Masai remedy extra for enlarging or reducing private parts to size “D” naturally.
  • Be able to detect any danger in advance and know what other people friends or workmates are thinking about you and planning for you.


AFTER 5 YEARS OF SEPARATION   “He recently came back”

Many years back before I met this powerful spiritual healer papa Aldea nebo, There was no happiness in my life because my husband cheated on me; in fact later he separated from me too and left the kids with me to suffer. I visited so many traditional healers for help; money was wasted without any result. Luckily I saw testimonials on a local TV station about another man whose son papa Aldea nebo had saved from drugs and alcohol abuse. I paid only consultation fee, by using water and mirror he accurately read my fortune and told me all my problems without me mentioning a word. He even used a mirror to show me real faces of people who were trying to pull me down surprisingly some were my close Friends. Papa Aldea nebo, performed a special prayer for me, cleansed me from spirit of rejection, bad luck, and also gave me powerful love crystals plus a special ring to fix my financial problems .Four days after prayers, my husband was back home asking for forgiveness. I am happy we are in love again”. So if you find yourself reading this message, don’t call it a chance, but fate has guided your steps. JENE

TRADITIONAL HEALERS WITH BEST SPELLS YOU CAN TRUST papa Aldea nebo, at +27638304444 / 0638304444. Email me on drnebospells@gmail.com